About Us

It’s 2020. Yeah.

If we’ve learned anything this year, it’s that we’re not quite in control. We sit at home, frustration building, unsure of how we’ll emerge from pandemic and aghast at how our leadership has normalized ineptitude, deceit, hate speech, and conspiracy. Our popular majority has watched decades of progress in global communications, environmental protections, economic equality, and equal rights undone in three short years. The antithesis of honesty, humility, and responsibility thrives in America’s highest office.

It’s 2020 and all of this true.

Party and policy preferences aside, a determined minority shouldn’t be able to unwind decades of progress on issues that matter to an informed majority, unless of course that majority simply chooses not to act. Our decisions have brought us here. Each one of them matters – from what we consume to how we communicate to whether or not we vote. To defend what we hold dear, we have to live for it every day. 

Joe’s Joe helps make a habit of change.

Coffee brings people together. It energizes. It inspires. It sets the pace EVERY SINGLE DAY. If it’s Joe’s Joe, it also supports the progressive issues that matter to us all, starting with a sweeping leadership change in November. 10% of sales revenue, what normally goes into marketing or accrues to profit, is contributed directly to our partners, supporting the progressive causes that matter to you.

Of course, it’s not just the financial support. It’s the outreach and the community. It’s the growing platform for good. It’s the buzz of activity (and caffeine, which we’ll certainly need). We can’t be a silent majority anymore.

Will Joe’s Joe save the world? No. But it’ll make your day and give you and the issues that matter most a boost. You drink coffee. Why not vote with every cup?

Joe’s Joe helps make a habit of change.

To know more about the founders of Joe’s Joe, start by reading above again. We believe every word.

We’re a small group of coffee experts, some employed, some suddenly unemployed, who believe in America. Woven into the fabric of the nation that raised us were lessons of responsibility for your actions, of taking blame and giving praise, of under-promising and over-delivering, of standing up to bullies. Our upbringing was one of inclusion and cordiality, as well as hard work.

2020 has shaken that foundation to its core. Something happened in the last three years. The same teachers who urged us to always learn now accept unchecked truth from single sources, and the same coaches who taught us that there’s no “I” in TEAM follow a vile cult of personality. The same family members who punished us for being disrespectful abide a president who respects no one.

What do you do when your world turns upside down? What you do best, of course. Everyone has a superpower – ours is sourcing, blending, and roasting great coffee. We think it’ll raise more money than we could afford ourselves. We hope it’ll help get Joe Biden into the Oval Office. He’s the right candidate at the right time, a non-polarizing political professional whose experience and relationships will help America return to rule of law, tradition, and bi-partisan collaboration. We all know what that one guy said about a nation divided after all.

Team Joe’s Joe